A long-time admirer of the little delights that are cupcakes, I was raised in a home that encouraged the art of baking. Sonora, California prepared me for a short, yet life-changing experience in Santa Barbara where I gained professional experience in the now retired cupcake shop, Whodidily. The shop nurtured the love of food and people I had always harvested, and was crucial in inspiring me to create my very own cake business. 

     While completing my associates degree in Sonora, I catered to my unparalleled love for both children and curated dessert; my work as a nanny helped to further inspire and support my endeavors as an entrepreneur as the 2011 year welcomed Cupcakes for the Kingdom, now BTTRCRM. Today, I enjoy a blissful life up here in Cottonwood, California. I've been blessed with unexpected, however necessary relationships in my life and this business has expanded in ways I could have never dreamed.


     I am a twenty-five-year-old wife nestled in the whisper of a town named Cottonwood, just below Redding, California. My dad taught me the basics of baking and has the claim to the platform of my career choice. He's a very interesting man; a mechanic by trade, a professor by career, and most recently law school graduate. Add to that list phenomenal baker. Since the age of nine, I've been banned from baking with him. Let's call it a creative difference. Contrarily, I've never known my mom to successfully bake so much as a pre-made set of sugar cookies, but she makes a mean enchilada. I am greatly indebted to each of them for providing such a solid foundation for which I would build the rest of my life on. I live off a steady diet of iced coffee and popcorn and I won't be stopped. I love my husband dearly, with his shared affinity for all things sweet. Should a chocolate bar reserved for ganache ever go missing, my search starts with Austin. We enjoy the company of our pets, long walks to nowhere, and pretending to be fancy when we're anything but. We are blessed beyond measure, to God be the glory.


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photo /  Hannah Posey

photo / Hannah Posey