Sustainable, handmade cake

organic eggs, always

exclusive use of non-gmo ingredients

fair trade, local ingredients whenever possible




$42 per dozen


minimum of four dozen

$19 per dozen 



all orders are custom- tailored

a handful of my favorites below

includes signature customization and garnishes



$270 / 9 inch round | feeds 24-30

$210 / 7 inch round | feeds 12-16

$165 / 6 inch round | feeds 9-12

$120 / 5 inch round | feeds 6-9


$79 / bundt cake | feeds 12-15


each cake is three layers tall

for custom structure, please inquire within



all orders are custom-tailored

a handful of my favorites below

includes signature customization and garnishes



signature garnishes include, but are not limited to:

sprinkles, freeze dried berries, nuts, seasonal stems + blooms

premium garnishes available for 20% of the product total

premium garnishes include:

gold leaf, silver leaf, out of season stems + blooms



1 / cocoa cake + orange blossom buttercream + crushed pistachios
2 / vanilla bean cake + lavender buttercream
3 / cocoa stout cake + rose buttercream
4 / champagne cake + lemon buttercream + sparkling sugar
5 / spiced chai cake + cinnamon buttercream + cinnamon dusting



local doorstep delivery $25

delivery up to sixty miles outside city limits + $1.5/ mile 


delivery $45

setup and styling $50/hour, one hour minimum

travel fees apply outside of Redding or Red Bluff

$1.50 per mile, one way, up to 60 miles outside Redding or Red Bluff

events beyond the above radius require a minimum order of $750


custom rates apply to weddings in order to best accommodate your needs

average BTTRCRM wedding investment / $1100

to further inquire, please continue to the contact page




          Freshness is a priority here at BTTRCRM, which is why each batch of cake and cupcakes is made to order.  When ordering, please keep in mind that I'm happy to create as few as one dozen cupcakes per flavor for traditionally sized cupcakes, or four dozen per flavor for mini cupcakes; however I'm unable to cut the recipe any smaller. Thank you so very much for understanding.


I am glad to make each flavor available gluten free for no  additional cost