Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer private lessons?

As of now, unfortunately I'm unable to offer any lessons. Baking out of my home means that I'm fairly restricted with what I'm able to offer. Don't hesitate to ask baking questions, though!

Where Is your shop?

I don't have one! As lovely as a storefront sounds, it's an extremely resource-heavy dream. I bake out of my home here in Cottonwood and it'll likely remain so for some time.

Where did you learn to bake?

In short, I grew up baking. First came, "you can add these chocolate chips at the end." Then soon enough, "You can measure out the flour and sugar," until I decided to tackle my own baking projects. I have exactly zero credentials to be a baker aside from the general desire (which is really all you need, after all). There was exactly one month of my early adult life that I frosted cupcakes at a petit cupcake shop, but quickly transplanted myself to retail. It's far more stressful than it seems!